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Welcome to Integra

Integra biomedical group - Medical technology that you can trust!

About Us

Here at integra biomedical group, we focus on the successful commercialization of products that are developed for innovators in the field of medicine and dental devices. Unparalleled standards, strict adherence to regulatory measures and a strong commitment to perfectionism in our work is what sets us apart from others.

Adherence to FDA regulatory standards:

We specialize in the development and commercialization of products in the medical technology field. We ensure the quality of all our products and follow a strict adherence policy with regards to the FDA and ISO 13485. Our team of skilled professionals ensures that your device is launched at the decided time and falls within your budget. The company strives to ensure that the whole process of getting the best quality product that is cost effective as well is made easier than it was ever before.    To help our customers the most we can , testing labs that are fully equipped with all the required materials are provided to fulfill the requirements of our valuable customers. 

Our vision statement: 

Delivering high quality biomedical equipment at par with the regulatory standards to revolutionize the world of OEM in the medical sector - that is what Integra biomedical group envisions as its prime responsibility. While working with integra biomedical group, you can rest assured - we guarantee the provision of world class products and services.

Our Doctors

Our mission/philosophy: 

Integra biomedical group has made the advancement of the health sector its central principle. Provision of top quality equipment in the medical and dental field as well as related to nutritional sciences and genetics is the chief mission of integra biomedical group. We aim to make the work of health care workers easier and provide innovative and useful solutions to the problems in the medical field. 

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