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About us

Integra biomedical group is a company that strives to provide the best possible services in the biomedical technology, nutrition and genetics domain. Our highly professional team of workers ensures the production of the best original equipment, making us one of the leading firms in OEM medical technology. As a significant part of the healthcare industry, we ensure that each and every product we deliver adheres strictly to the quality control standards set by the government.


Manufacturing medical devices- laser based and optical 

Be it laser based or optical, we have experts present in all areas related to medically used devices. From the assembly of the product to its testing and then finally its usage, our team contains people with full grasp on knowledge regarding all these aspects. Safety guidelines as set forth on a state and federal level are followed strictly. Integra biomedical group works with leading names in various medical related industries such as dental industry, surgical industry, the cosmetic industry and many more. Although we are responsible for the production of a large number of devices, yet we guarantee the highest standard of quality and intense level of commitment are merged together to produce the final product. Laser test labs for valuable customers and work cells are a feature of the facility where the equipment is manufactured. 

Our strategy of Launching a new product in the market

The integra biomed team understands fully how big of a deal launching a new product in the market is. To ease the anxiousness attached with the whole process, the NPI or new product introduction strategy is tailored in a way that ensures the quality and keeps an eye on the cost and scheduling goals associated with the NPI strategy as well. Innovation of the medical devices is coupled with standards of quality unrivalled in the marketplace, making the entire process of commercializing the product both effective and efficient. You can trust our team to always be one step ahead of your competition, in matters related to cost and delivery of your product to the market, both.

Our Team

Organizational culture/ the integra biomed family

Our organization consists of one big family. Here at integra biomed, integrity, honesty, teamwork and respect for diversity are our main values. Our team has a reputation for working together through everything. We develop relations based on mutual trust and excellence with our customers, which is why they leave satisfied with our work. We are aware of how big a responsibility working with the health sector is and thus care and compassion go into the production of all our equipment.


What our Team say