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We have a built in laser facility where all the safety procedures are regularly followed, this makes us the best choice for all your needs related to medical products that are laser based.

Class IV Lasers

In the United States, there are 4 major categories when it comes to laser hazard. These range from Class I to Class IV. As evident by its degree, it is the Class IV laser that is considered as the most powerful kind. Since any mishandling may prove injurious to human health, handling them with utmost care and taking all the precautionary measures is extremely vital. The integra Biomedical Group owns and operates a Class IV laser facility that complies fully to the required guidelines of ANSI American National Standards Institute Z136 as well as 105 CMR 121.000 and is registered.

Use of LEDS and Lasers in Medical Devices: 

With the advancement of technology and the discovery of usefulness of lasers, they , along with LEDs have started being incorporated into many medical products and devices such as imaging systems, systems used for disease diagnosis and surgical procedures. Ophthalmic assessments are also carried out with the use of lasers and skin treatments as well the treatment for kidney stones is increasingly making use of the laser technology. These devices and procedures generally make use of the Class IV lasers. Since these can be harmful, our laser facility is laden with all the things required for handling them appropriately and we also ensure that adequate safety measures are applied. All this care and precision makes us the perfect fit for all of your medical devices with laser technology needs. Contact us today to utilize laser technology for your company’s products that can be utilized in any of the following areas:

Opthalamy Dermatology Dental Surgical
Diagnosis of eye sight problems Acne treatment Hard tissue dental procedures Vein treatments
Glaucoma laser surgery Scar removal Soft tissue dental procedures Laser surgery for spine
Retina’s photocoagulation Removal of tattoos Kidney stone treatment
Corneal collagen cross linking  Skin rejuvenation procedures Laser podiatry
Vision corrective procedures Liposuction

Safety and security compliance: 

The safety and security of everyone involved in the production process as well as everyone who will be making use of the device is our utmost priority. Thus we test every product linked to laser technology in our test room, which complies with all the safety standards and is fully equipped with all necessary materials and equipment such as safety eyewears. All the staff involved is made aware of the requirements and is trained to handle laser equipment. To make the production process safe, a Laser Safety Program is in place at Integra Biomedical Group.

If you’re a company looking for medical contract manufacturing services for the production of Class I, Class II, III or Class IV medical devices, Integra Biomedical Group is your best pick. The product we deliver will be cost effective, efficient and of the highest quality.

Manufacturing laser devices for dental use

Making laser devices for dental use is a field we excel in. Integra is known for manufacturing the best quality dental laser devices.

Devoted experts’ panel

To guarantee that only the highest quality product is delivered to you, our panel of experts scrutinizes and improves upon every product every step of the way. From product design to engineering to assembling the product, sourcing required materials and identifying the suppliers, Integra Biomedical group will take care of all of it and more. Strict quality control mechanisms are in place at every step of the process. Once your product is ready, we can also help you ship it wherever you would like - your own facility or the end user. 

The teams at our company are trained to assist them in working to the best of their capabilities. Training sessions are conducted after regular intervals so the team can be at the top of their game continuously. 

Dental laser device manufacturing tailored to FDA quality control standards: 

All the dental laser devices in the medical industry are required to meet a benchmark of standards and safety. The FDA or the Food and Drug Administration regulates these standards along with other international level agencies. To ensure our valued customers that we fully comply with the regulations, our company hosts audits and helps clients test labs that are recognized on a national level and the registrars conduct these audits.

From Class I to Class IV, the processes of handling and testing the different classifications of laser is our forte. Our clients save big by utilizing our production facilities and our services of launching their devices in the best way that results in revenue generation for them.