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Market We Serve

The medical devices generated by Integra Biomedical group have a wide range of applications. We design, manufacture and then rigorously test these devices that are then utilized to serve various purposes in different markets.

Cosmetics and dermatology

medical technology in the aesthetic field has come a long way in the past decades. Lasers used in dermatology and cosmeticology are used to treat many issues, inclusive of but not limited to acne problems, acne scars, removal of body and face tattoos and removal of unwanted/excess hair. Our company specializes in producing laser technology devices for the rapidly growing cosmetics and derma industry. 

Diagnosis and assessment

Technologically advanced equipment is utilized every day in the medical field. Medical professionals make use of such equipment for not just diagnosing the illness but assessing the stage of the illness as well.Machines such as X-ray and ultrasound machines, MRI equipment and systems such as the behavior monitoring system are all utilized by health care professionals. To help the professionals diagnose and assess such physical, functional and cognitive disorders, our team of professionals ensures the formation of excellent quality devices in the arena. 

Surgical market 

The production of surgical equipment encompasses the production of a wide variety of instruments. Precision is of utmost importance in the production of such instruments and that is what we promise to deliver. Surgical instruments have led to increased mobility during procedures that are invasive and possess the tendency to  reduce potential risks and also the patient’s recovery time to a bare minimum. Surgical market instruments also include surgical laser devices which are utilized in procedures such as endoscopic surgery and sterilization. In some cases these laser surgical devices serve the function of scalpels. Be it advanced level surgical instruments or laser surgical devices, the experts at our company ensure the perfection of everything we produce. 

Dental field 

The industry of dentistry is a competitive one. Only equipment that is of a high standard and at the same time is easy to use makes the cut. Thanks to the ever advancing dental equipment such as dental lasers, many procedures linked to the dentistry field have now become quicker, less invasive and simultaneously less painful. These laser devices used in the dental field can be divided into two categories based on their usage. Dental laser devices used to operate on hard tissues and laser devices meant for the purpose of performing procedures on soft tissues are two different kinds. Integra Biomedical group excels in the production of both categories.  Dentists make use of these lasers for the purpose of whitening and cleaning teeth. Such laser equipment is also the reason behind the ever increasing perfection and ever decreasing pain ratio of dental/oral surgeries. 


The orthopedics department of the medical sector has come a long way, thanks to the use of Orthopedic medical devices. These devices which include both surgical and non surgical means are used in order to treat injuries incurred during sports matches and injuries to soft tissues,also known as “musculoskeletal trauma” as well as congenital disorders and illness linked to the spinal cord. Some examples of such devices are braces used for bone support, rods and nails used in surgeries for broken bones such as femurs, joint replacements and devices of internal fixation.


Ophthalmology related equipment requires intense level of care and precision as it is used for the evaluation, examination and treatment of the eye which is among some of the most sensitive parts of the human body. Treating eye related problems such as a weak eyesight, congenital issues by the use of Laser eye treatments is a  common occurrence now. Since the sense of sight is a sensitive one, these advanced equipment are of much value as they have led to a decrease in the amount of time required for treatment and also a miraculous recession in time required for recovery. Eye infections, injuries or vision issues, laser equipment in the ophthalmology arena has greatly transformed the assessment and treatment of these.