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Being a reputable manufacturer of products in the industry of medical sciences, our company does its utmost best to live up to our repute by following the FDA set standards and maintaining high quality. We provide Class I, Class II and Class III medical products to our valued customers. 

Medical technology that you can trust:

Integra Biomedical Group is a leading name in the industry of medical device manufacturing. We manufacture these devices on contract basis and help medical device companies attain the required products set at the highest standard in terms of quality. We assist them in safeguarding their and their company’s interest while simultaneously ensuring patient satisfaction and reduced expenditure on production. Meeting increasing demands of production without spending on setting up new production plants is what we assist different medical devices companies with. Our production complies with safety regulations and has a repute for being cost effective while providing devices and instruments laden with the latest technology.

Contract manufacturing done right:

Leading the medical device industry at the forefront, all our products comply with the FDA standards and ISO 13485:2016 standards. Our team of experts help us maintain our repute and constantly search for ways to improve upon the process. All your marketing and manufacturing expectations will be met once you entrust us with the task.

Applications of the Integra Biomedical contract manufacturing: 

Highest calibre products with rigorous compliance to FDA QSR standards are our forte. Design record management and fulfing the clients set objectives is something our team of professionals regards highly.  We have a history of successfully launching cost effective yet efficient products utilized by companies for various purposes in the field of medicine. Health care monitoring systems at home, dental lasers and monitors for blood perfusion are among some of the many products we have launched. To give our customers the best ever experience, we lay emphasis on fulfilment of spare parts and refurbishment of products.